What are the eligibility requirements to purchase an affordable home?

I am over 55 years old, are there different guidelines to purchase an affordable unit?

My income is over the maximum allowable income for my household size. Does this mean I will never be able to purchase an affordable home?

I am expecting a baby. Do I add the child to our household size?

I pay or receive alimony and/or child support. Do I need to include it in my monthly income?

I owned a home with my spouse within the last three years and we are now divorced, can I be considered a first time homebuyer?

Are there preferences for local residents?

Are there preferences for families? How are the units distributed?

I am single. Does that mean I cannot purchase an affordable home?

Will we automatically be notified of new opportunities to purchase an affordable home?

Is mortgage pre-approval required to purchase a new affordable home?

What are there mortgage guidelines which must be met to purchase an affordable home?

Are there mortgage programs specifically available for first time homebuyers?

Are there restrictions on the affordable homes?

How does the home stay affordable?

Can I rent or lease out an affordable home I own?

Do I need to take a first time homebuyers course to purchase an affordable home?

Where can I obtain a list of approved First Time Homebuyer Courses?

Are there affordable rentals available?